Cannot log in

I was logged in,viewing all kinds of quakes (my favorite was the one in Florida) and I was kicked out a couple of days ago. My Shake is appearing but it tells me to log in to view info and I cannot log in. It won’t accept my password and when I try to change it and it goes to authorizing page (which is blank) and nothing happens. Old password won’t work, new passwords won’t work.

Hello RubysMom,

This is quite strange, it is the first time I am seeing something like this happening, but we will try to solve it. I can confirm that your Shake is currently transmitting without issues, and the data is available on our servers.

Did this error happen on our ShakeNet website, or on the ShakeNet App? What is, precisely, the text of the error? If this is happening on the App, please try to clear the cache (you can do it by going to the general settings of the app (low right corner) and tap Clear Cache.) and then try logging in again.

I have also seen that your registered email has the first letter as capital, while all the others are not. Maybe the memorized email on your phone has not the capital letter, and then it would be best to write it manually.

It happened on the app. For some strange reason, I was able to get on before you responded. Now I am kicked off again. I was trying to see if I registered the quake in Haiti.
Why would it matter if a letter is capitalized in an email address? I entered it both ways.
I tried to clear the cache but I have no way of knowing if it worked. I also tried to reset my password. I also do not know if that worked.

This is getting old. Internet should not matter since I should be able to access it using any internet connection.

Hello again,

Thank you for the further information and we are sorry for the issues that you are experiencing. To clarify, case sensitivity is important for usernames and passwords, as it increases the security of all online accounts. Sometimes, however, it can happen that one letter is typed in capitals instead of normal, and due to the case sensitivity protocol, the system will remember the capital one.

It seems that this is something that our app team will have to thoroughly investigate and solve, so we appreciate the time you have taken to explain the situation to us. I will forward every detail to our team

Could I ask you which device is having this issue? That is, if you are using an Android or an iPhone?

Thank you for your understanding.


It is my iphone. Also how do you view the same way on your desktop? The view on the mobile app is way better but since I can’t log in, I was going to my desktop. And while I can see events, it does not show if my station recorded it or the information from it. I could see the event and if my station detected it on my iphone app but not the desktop which was the whole reason for getting the Shake.


No, for desktops we don’t have (yet) the same service that the App offers. We are currently developing an online portal ( which will provide, when its beta test period will have passed, a similar service, with help in identifying earthquakes and see what your Shake has recorded regarding the same quakes.

Thank you for informing me about your iPhone. As stated, I will forward everything to our app team, and hopefully, this problem will be solved as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, I can recommend resetting your password through our ShakeNet portal ( which uses the same login email. You can click the “Forgot Password?” link there, reset it, and then when you have put in a new one, log in again on the App.

We are again sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.