Cannot install driver USB dongle


I tried to use USB WIFI dongle with RS3D but I cannot install USB WIFI dongle driver.
I used command below for install driver.
$ sudo wget -O /usr/bin/install-wifi
$ sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/install-wifi
$ sudo install-wifi

But command respond as detail below.
“Your Pi revision number is a02082
You have a Pi 3B v1.2
Checking for a 8188fu wifi driver module for your current kernel.
A driver does not yet exist for this update.”

How does RS shake install driver?
Jugkrit Sringamphong

Hello Jugkrit,

If that method has not found a driver for the USB WiFi dongle it means that they may have not yet been developed for your Pi revision number, or that the dongle itself is not compatible.

You should find a compatible WiFi dongle here: RPi USB Wi-Fi Adapters - and then try again to execute the driver command, which is the correct one.

Since there are many types of WiFi modems/dongles and each of their installations/ configurations can be completely different. The examples in the page will serve to give you an idea what needs to be done, but you may need to Google your way to success.

If you need further assistance, this falls within paid support tasks, so please contact for a quote.

Dear Stormcheaser,

Thank you for your support.
May I ask USB wifi adaptor table in link “RPi USB Wi-Fi Adapters -
What difference between “Yes” and “Preinstalled” in Raspbian column?
And which wifi dongle you recommend for RS ?

Thank you

Hello Jugkrit,

no problem at all. The “preinstalled” stat means that for that specific OS (Raspbian, for example) the driver is already installed, while the “Yes” stat means that a driver is there, but it has to be installed by the user.

If the driver is not installed, this page on our manual presents a guide: How to configure Wifi and USB wifi dongles from command-line — Instructions on Setting Up Your Raspberry Shake

We have no specific brand/model dongle recommendation. In general we recommend a stand-alone solution that would allow for the WiFi dongle to be placed as far from the Shake as possible (to limit interferences as much as possible) and allow for the user to run an Ethernet cable between the Shake and the WiFi adapter.

I am sure that with that list, and by looking around on the internet, you will be able to find something that suits your needs.