Best way to sort out remote access to RS using GPRS modem

I am using several RS1D’s connected to internet using GPRS modem (Huawei E3372) which works really well (and very easy to set up , just plug and play) . I would like to be able to access RS webserver and SSH remotely. I have tried a commercial relay service from Yaler ( ) which seems to work Ok but wont let me access the website and SSH through the same relay. Has anyone found a good way of doing this ?
cheers paul


Good morning.

You can try vtun:

Yours, branden

thanks, ZeroTier seems to work well for this setup … relatively easy to set up as well (as long as you make sure your SSh keys are working before you start) . I can now get remote access using ssh, web and scp with a relatively neat interface and no cost !
cheers paul