Back door to mseed folder?


We would like to download the original mseeds from a raspberryshake with no ssh o telnet access. They will be behind a firewall, only port 80 visible from outside.

Is there any back door to navigate to the mseed folders?.

I seed that:

http://rs.local/heli/ is clearly pointing to myshake@raspberryshake:/opt/data/gifs

and button to download the logs (http://rs.local/api/logs) is acting on /opt/log.

Is there any alias or equivalent pointing to myshake@raspberryshake:/opt/data/archive ??

It would be nice and very useful to access original data with wget or curl. Data in is full of gaps, maybe related with transmission problems but also with server shutdowns… and we need all the full 24h meeds.

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hi mario,

v0.16 will be released in a couple of weeks (working on final testing at the moment of all the modifications) and download of the mini-SEED files (as a tar file) will be included as part of the front-end update.



Ok Richard, Thank you very much for this information.

It will be usefull for sure!

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