B - 'Members' tab only shows 5 stations

Switching to the members tab gives me 5 stations nearby, two of which are mine (although I get a list of my own stations on the left). I am guessing this area was meant to show all member stations that have been made public, or to help me connect with nearby members? Perhaps I am confusing it by having multiple stations. See image below.

this is not a bug

the members page works in the following manner:

  1. all stations currently online are shown in map view, as if this was the station view
  2. left-side members list displays only those members who have made themselves visible

but now that i think about it, perhaps a checkbox to display (in the map) only those stations matching the members displayed in the list.

Richard - did you forget to mention something about the radius? Perhaps we should insert some descriptive text. e.g., “Showing Shakers within 100 km of your “Favorite” Shake.”

@ivor That makes sense but I guess I’m confused as to why only these five stations show up even when I zoom out. Is there a way to set radius and number of stations visible, similar to what Branden mentioned?

I think there needs to be a way to cconnect to people more than 100km away from you … is it possible to link the members shown in the tab to the area shown on the map ? Or failing that to have some way of choosing where your search for members is centred

For me, it seems even slightly more confusing… My station is southernmost Finland, but on the “Members” view I’m seeing a station in northern Sweden, which does not appear on the normal station view. Stations in Estonia and Stockholm, which should be closer to my location, do not appear. Or does that mean only stations of people participating in the Beta are shown, including long offline stations? Either way, that’s a confusing view.

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Yeah, similarly mine shows a station in Nova Scotia that I’ve never seen before. Great to know that it’s there (or was there at one point) but confusing as it does not show up in StationView, and for the fact that there are other closer stations which are not shown.

The Members area will be a nice feature. However, it does need some refinement to get there.

I have some of the same observations as mentioned previously.

Having the ability to view all stations worldwide would be a key addition. I would want to see how others have installed their shakes worldwide. If pulling all the data for a world map results in a performance issue. Maybe a dropdown with regions could be added. North America, Europe, Central America… etc.

Is/will the map show a mix of shakes and booms? It would nice to have different icons for the type of unit 1D, 4D, 3D, Booms, etc. Filtering could be added to the map so members could see all the 4D’s installed in a particular region for example. This also could be extended to active/inactive units and have a different color to indicate the station may be no longer in service.



Members Tab is confuse or makes no sense…

“1- all stations currently online are shown in map view, as if this was the station view”

In my case I have a lot of active stations in spain and pyrenees near me not appearing…

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