App gone downhill

My Shake app on my Samsung Galaxy S10 has been degraded over the past few updates. I keep having to log in for starters. The app takes for ever to refresh. The app is now more annoying than it’s worth having on my phone. Maybe start it from the ground up and gett better programmers?

Hello @ericandlil,

We are sorry to hear the app is not performing as well as you would like. Our impression is that the current version, 1.3.1, is stable and does not exhibit any known problems which would render the app unusable.

We are not aware of other users having such issues, including those of us within the company who use the app regularly. Given the myriad versions of mobile phones, of both hardware and software, it is possible that the app on yours is exhibiting problems we are unaware of. To figure out if this is the case, we would like to get as much information from you as possible, if that would work for you.

First, when you say that the app has been degrading with each release, what exactly do you mean?
Can you describe specifically a functionality you refer to that previously worked better in a previous version?

Second, we would also be in a much better position to look into the issue (or issues) that you are experiencing if you could provide specific descriptions of what is not working for you:

  1. the specific functionality
  2. how you expect it to work
  3. how it is working for you instead

For example, the slow refresh you refer to happens on which screen, for which type of data?

The more details that you can give us, the better will be for us to look into what could be going on so that we can address the issue. Without specifics, however, (while at the same time we have not received any other reports such as yours), we wouldn’t really know where to begin looking to be able to help you out.

Thanks in advance.