AM.RB969 not on station view

Hi, I received an email today that my station has not been online for 3 days. Your site would not resend login password email most of the day. Finally it acknolowged my address and sent a login link. My password was then active. (i had not changed it). I can log in now, but my station does not show online. I have rebooted it, I can see its ip address on my network, but rs.local is not bringing up the login page. What steps do you recommend I try first? Its been set up and online for a good while, this is the first time its not been online. Also, it pings successfully, it is just not bringing up the interface via IP address or rs.local. The Blue led is on and green blinks. I also see activity on the ethernet and packets are being sent, nothing being received.

SInce no reply, I have another question. If I reimage the SD card and reload it, can I keep the same station ID?

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the delay and welcome to the community. It’s possible that your card is corrupted, this behavior would fit that diagnosis. Re-imaging the SD card will let you keep the same station ID RB969, but unfortunately due to the fickle nature of microSD cards, you may not actually solve the corruption problem if you burn to the same card.

You said you could ping the station…do you have the ability to log in via SSH? If so, we might be able to better diagnose if you can download the log files. If you want to go this route, you can execute the following commands on your computer to download the logs:

If you’re on a Mac or Linux machine

Open a terminal and run the following command:

scp -r myshake@rs.local:/opt/log ~/Downloads

You will be asked for a password, then the command will grab the logs and put them in the Downloads folder on your local machine (then you can zip them and attach them to this thread).

If you’re on Windows

Probably easiest to download the FileZilla Client and connect to the Shake with these server details:
Host: rs.local
Username: myshake
Password: [your password]
Port: 22

Then, in the right-hand “remote” pane of FZ, navigate to /opt and drag the log directory to somewhere on your computer (the left-hand “local” pane). Then zip all the files in that folder and attach them to this thread.

If your card does turn out to be corrupted, I recommend either a Kingston or Transcend high-endurance MLC card.


Hi Ian,
Login was successful and here attached are the log files. (143.3 KB)

Hi Michael,

Indeed this looks like the Docker image on the card is corrupted. You will need to burn a new card. Out of curiosity how long have you had this one running?


I put my shake together around the end of january this year. The sd card is the one that came with it. I’ll reimage it early next week. It sits on a UPS for protection.



I’ve ordered a new card to burn the image on.


Did you buy the card from Raspberry Shake or use one you bought yourself? We often have trouble with cards that aren’t built to handle a lot of write operations. We find cards that are not at least MLC grade don’t last very long. Read more about SD grades here: