AM.RA5F6 not on stationView


AM.RA5F6 not on stationView
Hi R/S team,
I see by your email that my R/S has stopped communicating properly. I assume that the problem is related to the line - Server Connection : Not connected. How do I correct this?
RSH.RA5F6.2019-06-02T20_26_37.logs.tar (1.9 MB)


Hi @Avocadohill, sorry for the delay. I think I’ve figured out your issue but I’m waiting on Richard to confirm how we think you should solve it. I appreciate your patience and stay tuned.



Hi @Avocadohill,

Could you please reboot and send your logs again? Thank you!



Here are the logs from right after the reboot.



RSH.RA5F6.2019-06-12T02_24_12.logs.tar (2.22 MB)


Hi again @Avocadohill. Your logs have some strange internal discrepancies in them that @ivor and I are investigating further. Thank you for your patience. We should have either a diagnosis or other tests for you to run soon.



Thanks for not giving up on it. I’m ready to do what I can at this end.


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