AM.R76F0 with two locations (E1.53 and W1.53)

Hi there,
it seems that R76F0 is showing up twice with two different locations (E1.53 and W1.53 longitude). The eastern locations pretends to be and OBS in the middle of the North Sea. Current settings on the shake are correct (with ~W1.53). IRIS also shows the wrong locations as does the GEMPA phone app (with therefore incorrect traveltimes).
Is there any way the incorrect legacy location can be removed?

Hi @seismorost, this is a problem we have not seen before. Did you originally enter the Longitude coordinate as 1.53 and then correct it to -1.53?

EDIT: this is a downstream problem (meaning that the data is correct in our servers). We are reaching out to Gempa to let them know about it.

@seismorost: Gempa has responded to say it’s a bug in EqInfo, but they are on holiday at the moment so it may be a couple of weeks before a fix is out. We will let you know when they have addressed it.

As for IRIS, we are trying to determine the best way to let them know. They’ve had a busy year with all the InSight stuff going on so this may not be a high priority.


I am glad to inform that we have fixed the issue, and now we have just released a new version of our app EQinfo.

Happy shaking, and thanks for reporting us all of this, we really appreciate it.


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