1 of 4 channels reporting

I have a 4D seismometer with a 3D accelerometer and 1D geophone. When I access the device from rs.local the heilicorder is reporting only one component of the 3D accelerometer. I rebooted the device using the web interface to see if that would fix it. No change. So I can access the device via the web and ssh on my local network. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jess


can you send your log files? you can download the from the homepage of the front-end configuration screen (rs.local).



Sorry, meant to do that. Thanks for responding!

RSH.R4459.2019-12-09T01_12_25.logs.tar (2.7 MB)

Crap, I mean good, they all seem to be back now … meaning all 4 components. For what it’s worth, it was out for a few days but I guess the reboot fixed it after some period of time. We can close this ticket.

Thanks, Jess

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